Cuffing Season Tips


It’s Cuffing Season! As the days grow shorter and the temperature colder, singles everywhere ache for a partner to “cuff” for the winter. All year long people search for love, but the few months between October and Valentine’s Day are particularly popular and appealing. In addition to the lack of sunshine and outdoor activities, this time of year has an abundance of romance-oriented activities. For example, a couple’s Halloween costume, a partner to bring home for the holidays, a New Year’s Eve Kiss, a Valentine, etc. If you are looking to “cuff” a beau this winter, keep these tips in mind!


Cuffing Season Tips:

  • Figure out what you are looking for – For example, are you in the market for a long term partner, or just looking for some fun to get you through the winter? It’s important to communicate and set clear expectations so that nobody gets hurt.


  • Dont rush or settle – Afterall, no matter how tempting a new relationship is, you should never sell yourself short. You deserve someone who makes your face light up like the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. Don’t lower your standards for the sake of convenience and always, always remember your worth!


  • Stop comparing yourself to people on social media – Being single over the holidays can be really tough, especially with Social Media. If you are single, noone wants to see couples decorating a Christmas tree, or opening gifts. Yuck! Focus on yourself and remember that social media often is not an accurate portrayalof that couple’s reality.


Looking for a Partner?

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