New Year’s Eve & Relationships

New Year’s Eve is a time for fresh beginnings, both for individuals and couples alike. We reminisce about the past year, reflect on how we’ve grown and think about how we’d like to improve in the new year. Capping off the busy and often stressful holiday season, New Year’s Eve and relationships can feel like a high-stakes night.


This holiday falls closely behind Valentine’s Day for the most “couple-y” day of the year, complete with a midnight kiss. With that comes many big expectations, and the pressure to show off your “couple-ness” together. In fact, New Year’s Eve and the requirement to be in a relationship is so stressful that a lot of people are opting on different activities, like traveling to an island, making dinner for friends, and more.


New Year’s Eve & Relationships: A Distressing evening for Singles

It’s obvious why New Year’s Eve can be a distressing evening for singles. The cultural emphasis of couple-hood on New Year’s can make striving for a relationship stressful and the overall holiday quite awkward. Some report it’s the most depressing night for singles. But who knows, maybe your midnight kiss might just turn out to be your soul mate! So, read on. We have a few tips on how to get through the holiday with less pressure and less stress.

Romantic Pressure

Similarly, many people in relationships have a tough time coping with the romantic pressure brought on by the holiday. The fear of falling short of their partner’s expectations on New Year’s Eve can cause anxiety and add unnecessary intensity. Whether you are planning a glitzy night out with friends and booze, or a snuggly night in, with a cup of tea and a movie, it’s important to check in with each other beforehand. Afterall, New Year’s Eve and relationships can be a great time to embrace better communication skills.

Focus on the Good

Ensuring that you’re both on the same page regarding your expectations for the holiday can alleviate a lot of unnecessary stress. Take time to exchange thoughts about what you loved this year and what you are excited for in the coming year. Your relationship will benefit from the open communication.

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