Single And Dating In The Day And Age Of Corona 19 Spring 2020

Social distancing and virtual meetings are new and accepted words and practices being used today.  This is done because there is a virus thing happening today.  Except it’s not so little, it happens to be a life-changing and for some people life-threatening virus.  In fact, I would say because of this fact, dating will never be the same even after we will be able to move around freely.  This terrible situation is not all doom and gloom, and I feel that it can be for the better for dating, and there are many positives.  I will go over them later in this blog. 

Now we have to keep separate and stay home. What is a single ready to mingle person supposed to do?  If you are into pop culture, you may have seen the 2020 Netflix show “Love is Blind.”  In that show, the couples never get to see each get other unless they agree to be engaged.  They only get to speak to one another through a closed door and intercom.  Have you seen the Tom Hanks movie  “You’ve Got Mail”?   (1988)That is an oldie but goodie.  In that movie, not only is this couple of business rivals, but they ended up as lovers.  

 They would wait anxiously for a ding from their computer for the other emails. They fell in love and had no idea that they were business rivals until they met.

The take away from these shows is the participants were able to learn about one another.  Long talks and well-worded emails were envisioned and introduced in a natural and real way. They were able to learn about that person and to find their heart.  They did not get caught up in the superficial idea of “their type”.  Many singles have the “I’m picky” concept in professional matchmaking.  Understandably, you need to have chemistry and connection.  Often times we send people out, and one person is a yes other person said: “It’s a no from me, I am not attracted, not my type.”   Sometimes they will take our advice and give it a second chance.  Turns out, they are some of our best matches.  They got to know one another, and the nervousness is gone.  These relationships end up being the best love story.

Top 5 reasons why social distancing and virtual dating is better for new couples:

1.    It is very convenient.

You don’t have to pay for a car service or parking. No traffic so you won’t be late.

2.    You only have to fuss with the top half of yourself.  

You can wear any kind of shoes, including dreaded crocks or slippers.  As long as the front of your hair is done you can have bed head.

3.    Not a lot of specialized equipment is needed. 

A computer or iPhone is all that is required.

4.    It is less expensive since no one has to treat for food or drinks.

There is no awkward moment as to who picks up the check.  (though we feel men should step up)

5.    You can reveal a bit about you or your personality but in a suitable way.

Perhaps a favorite piece of art in the foreground or background.  You get to 

Hold your dog or cat if you have one.

I am sure as we navigate these uncharted waters, more positives will come out.  However, in the meantime, relax and enjoy this shift in a new dating world.

by Kimberly Simonetti

Professional Matchmaker 


Master Craftsmen/Photographer