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Stop going to the online dating apps and start matching with the right person for you! The Match Pro is a privately owned premier matchmaking service for commitment-minded singles. We give you the one-on-one attention you deserve to help you find your future partner. No algorithms, just relationships!

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Owner, Professional Matchmaker, Dating Coach

Welcome to The Match Pro, where we take matchmaking to the next level. We are as committed to your love journey as much as you are.

The Matchpro was founded in 2015 to help people connect and find love. Kimberly, the owner, is a natural people connector and began by matching her friends in the early 90’s — way before apps and dating sites existed and long before ghosting had gripped a generation of singles with dreaded scams and rejection. Then and now, we’ve always understood how dating should be. We’ve strive to bring that ideal to reality for thousands of singles.With our exclusive database, you’ll meet the most eligible singles handpicked with your unique requirements in mind. After all, you deserve to meet matches who are serious about a committed relationship, just like you. No games. No guesswork. We provide sophisticated matchmaking with the world’s most desirable, intelligent, and fascinating candidates.

Join us today to meet the person who makes you “catch your breath.” We have the formula to make that happen.  Let’s get started.

Take a look at our confidential questionnaire. Filling it out will take some time and introspection, but it is worth it! So, grab a glass of wine, or a cup of coffee and sit down and get started on your future. The purpose of all these questions is to learn about you and your relationship goals.

After you submit your profile, you will get a call to schedule a private face to face interview to meet with Kimberly. Once we’ve welcomed you and helped you settle in, we’ll talk. The subject? You! We want to hear your story, find out what you care about and develop a dating plan to meet your special someone. That’s an important difference. We go beyond facts and data to form a relationship. This is how we make matches that are deeper and more personal than any online survey could ever offer. We become your partners in helping you navigate the dating world.

As a premier and privately owned matchmaking firm, we are proud to offer singles like options. After completing the profile questionnaire and scheduling your personal interview, we will consider your unique needs and help you select the membership plan for the highest success.

Fantastic! We found someone we’d like you to meet. You are excited and so are we. The only thing you have to think about is what to wear, and presenting your best self. We’ll do the rest. Yes, we coordinate the first date for you. From where you will meet to when and all the details in between.

Now, sit back, set your intentions on positivity, having fun, and remember to smile! Leave the rest to us.

After your date, Kimberly will reach out to you with a personal phone call and request feedback about your date. If you felt a connection with your date, we want to hear about it. If it is not a match, we will fine-tune our selection for future candidates.

Matchmaking is a personal, relational process and every introduction is an opportunity to get to know you better. Our members trust us as confidants who can talk candidly about their feelings. Having an ongoing dialogue will help the dating process feel easier and get you closer to finding “the one.”

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From happy hours to singles events, we want you to stay up-to-date on the most current singles events we sponsor. These events are a great opportunity to meet new people and find connections. We’ll also send you dating tips that will help you have more fun and a better time meeting people.

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