Real life love stories from The MatchPro clients.

After a wonderful marriage I found myself retired, a widower in my 60’s and very lonely as the months passed. I don’t have children but have siblings, cousins, nephews & nieces, and a solid group of close friends. However, what was missing was sharing the day-to-day ups and downs of life with a loving partner. I wanted to fill that void but did not have a clue how to do it, my personal network did not provide opportunity to meet available women in my age group. I searched and found The Match Pro. I knew I was at the right place after my first conversation with Kimberly. She assured me my age bracket was not a problem and she very quickly was able to understand my situation, my personality, and, what was important to me in a relationship. I had my first date a few days after joining and I’m currently in a four-month relationship with a super lady. We have a lot in common and are enjoying our time together. Kimberly’s approach is very thorough, her experience in all aspects of relationships is deep, she is success driven; and most importantly she truly cares about her client and provides a sincere personal touch.

RS, June 2022

I by nature am an introverted, extremely shy, self-concscious, lonely individual with hardly any so called “game” or confidence to pick up partners of the opposite sex. So when I decided to overcome my self-perceived inadequacies and strive for a happier, more fulfilling life, I turned to Kimberly Simonetti and her team of specialists at MatchPro. From our first meeting where we sat down and talked about my matchmaking goals, she innately understood all my shortfalls. After the initial analysis, she devised a strategic approach and gameplan to help “build me up” and transform me into a new version of myself. From setting me up to work with a team of dating specialists who offered advice and practiced mock dating with me; to taking me shopping for exquisite new clothes and accessories, Kim really got the ball rolling and helped me progressively build up momentum and confidence as I approached my first introduction (of hopefully many to come over the next few months). If you’re on the fence about transforming your love life or finding the right matchmaker amongst a sea of other matchmakers and random dating apps, then I highly encourage you to do your due diligence and take a closer look at Kimberly and the MatchPro services. They literally will take care of everything. From understanding your prerequisites for your dream match, to preparing you to get ready for those dates, to concierging them and collecting valuable post date feedback.

All you have to do is bring your personality, your smile and set your best foot forward. I highly recommend MatchPro services, especially if you are like me and you struggle with dating in today’s digital dating world.

H.S. 6-10-2022

“I met The MatchPro during a time when I felt pretty lonely and shy when it came to dating. I suppose I hid behind a busy career, family, and day to day responsibilities. With The MatchPro’s counseling and guidance, I worked to develop the confidence and optimism I needed to begin networking with others and to open myself to dating opportunities. I would definitely say that The MatchPro had a strong role in helping me to find the loving relationship I had been seeking for so long.”

— Mike

“A friend referred me to The MatchPro and I have to admit I was very reluctant. I never had difficulty meeting women but clearly I wasn’t dating women that were right for me. Kimberly’s approach was structured and direct and within a few months I found my life partner. I could not be happier and I would recommend The MatchPro to anyone who is serious about dating.”

— Steve

“She helped me to build my confidence and change my actions so that I could have success in a relationship.”
– Lisa, 40

“Being a business person in Maryland, I did not want my personal profile posted on the online sites for all of my business contacts to read about as I wanted to keep my personal life – personal. I also wanted someone that could really understand the kind of person that I am the kind of person and long term relationship that I am seeking. The MatchPro took the time to get to know me and understand what I was looking for in a partner. The MatchPro team is one of those companies a persons that has the intuition to be able to match people. To me it ist here “magic”. The MatchPro has introduced me to some very special high quality women that I would never have met on my own. The process has been discrete and very professional. Besides matching The MatchPro provides the coaching that is need to be successful in a relationship. They call and will check in on you on a regular basis and provides expert advice. If you are serious about meeting the “right” partner then you should work with The MatchPro.”

— Michael

The MatchPro's approach was structured and direct, and within a few months I found my life partner.
– Steve

“I want to thank you for all the fantastic advice you gave me. Without it, I would not have met my now husband, Frank, and be celebrating our first wedding anniversary. Kimberly helped me zero in on the qualities I was looking for in a long term relationship and how to attract the type of man that was right for me. I know you will continue to help other single people out there with The MatchPro in the same way you helped me.”

— Jean (married March 2015)

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