Avoid Ghosting

How to Avoid Ghosting

If you’re not aware of what ghosting is, read on because we encourage you to avoid ghosting and not to ghost! Ghosting is when a person stops communicating with someone they dated without any explanation or warning. While it’s perfectly fine to stop seeing someone if you feel things are not working out, it is good dating etiquette to let the other person know how you feel. Most people appreciate honesty and it allows the other person the opportunity to move forward in their dating endeavors instead of holding out hope.

Below are some ways to confront the other person in a respectful and mature manner and avoid ghosting altogether.

Step 1: Set a Time to Talk

This isn’t a subject that you want to discuss in five minutes. For something like this, you want to make sure that the person you’re seeing will have time to really sit down and talk with you. They may be upset, they may have questions, or may have their own opinion about the situation that they want to express. You want to allow the proper time for that, do not rush through this and definitely do not do it via texting.

Step 2: Meet Somewhere Private

Once you decide on a time to meet, meet in a nice quiet location where you both can really talk and be heard. This is a private subject and you should aim to make it as private as possible. Opting for meeting in a quiet cafe or at someone’s house would be best, as these locations are quiet and will have very few people so you can both voice your opinions freely without hesitation.

Step 3: Be Honest

When the day arrives and you both meet at the desired time and location, be honest when you talk. When things aren’t working out, be brave and say why. Don’t make excuses or lies. Telling the truth will make you feel better, and the other person will respect you more.

Step 4: Be Open for Equal Discussion

Once you’ve given the news and given your reason why you think you are not right for each other, open the floor for the other party to speak freely. They may feel the same as you or they may feel indifferent and be confused and upset by your decision. Allow the opportunity for them to voice that and give input on how you think you both should proceed in your interactions together moving forward.

With following these steps, both parties are allowed to express themselves and have a chance to feel heard. Remember, how you would like to be treated if you find out someone you are dating is no longer interested in you. Dating can make anyone feel vulnerable and insecure. It is important to always conduct ourselves in a manner that represents our core values of respect and integrity.

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