Dating After Divorce: A Handy Guide

How to Approach Dating After Divorce:

Dating after divorce can seem like an impossible dream. How can you face the world of romance and first dates after such an ordeal? When you’re ready, you will soon rediscover the power of romance, but before you dive in head-first we have some helpful tips for you. Before you dive in, you should take some time to ensure that you are mentally and physically prepared to hit the dating scene once more. Take your time and don’t rush it. If you are ready to start dating again, then here are some great tips!

Be Direct

Rather than hiding the fact that you’ve been through a divorce, you should be honest. After all, honesty is often the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. However, there is no need to bring it up within the first ten minutes of your date unless asked directly. Your previous marriage shouldn’t be the focus of your new potential relationship. Remember, this is about you and your new date. Keep the focus on what is happening now.

Don’t Trash Your Previous Marriage:

No matter how much you resent your previous spouse, trash-talking them is going to come off as unattractive. If you’re willing to speak so ill of your ex, how long will it be before you speak poorly of your new relationship? Trashing your previous marriage may feel honest, but it doesn’t put you in a good light. When it comes to dating after divorce, you need to put your best foot forward to make a positive impression on your date. Showing the uglier side of yourself is something that should be avoided, at least initially. You should wait until your relationship has stabilized to the point where talking about some of the deeper aspects of your life is comfortable for both of you.

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