Dating Traditions From Around The World


Some might say, love is a universal language. Except, many countries around the world express love and affection very differently. Let’s take a look at dating traditions from around the world.



Many cultures require the man to impress the father of his bride in order to gain permission to marry her. In Fiji tradition, one must present the father of the bride with a whale’s tooth, called a tabua, before he is even considered an eligible suitor.



The night before a Scottish wedding, the bride and groom-to-be partake in a humiliating ritual called blackening. First, they are pelted with rotten eggs, treacle, soot, and flour. Once they’re sufficiently covered in stinky muck, they are paraded through the streets, leaving a trail of ick behind them. Being so humiliated together so early in their relationship is believed to prepare them for married life.



During the Sisters’ Meal Festival in Southwest China, men heartfully serenade potential suitors. The women respond to this show of interest by presenting an intricate offering to whomever serenaded them. A woman will cook four colors of sticky rice, each representing a season of the year, roll the rice up in a handkerchief, and present it to him. The answer to his offer lies within this handkerchief and rice package. If he finds two red chopsticks inside, he’s in luck, she likes him back! If he finds one chopstick, however, it means she has politely rejected him.



Sonkarjafi, Finland is the home of the Wife-carrying World Championships. Since 1992, competitors from all over the globe race to complete an intense obstacle course. But, there’s a catch: they do it all while carrying their wives on their backs (or however they prefer). The winner receives their partner’s weight in beer, and a big pat on the back.

What are some of your favorite dating traditions from around the world? We love to connect our clients both here in the US and globally. Let us know how we can help you find love any where in the world!