What To Do After First Date

So, you went on a first date and it went well. Awesome! You two hit it off, and hopefully neither of you got any wine stains on your clothes. The natural next question is…now what?

The First Step

Decide whether or not you are interested in going on a second date. Take some time to evaluate the date, and be honest with yourself about your feelings and expectations. What did you like and dislike about spending time with your date? Did you enjoy their company, or just their attention? Can you envision a future together?

If you decide that it isn’t a great fit, find a way to let them down easy; that’s a blog topic for another time. But, if you do wish to continue seeing them, it’s time to figure out a game plan for setting up a second date.

Studies show that oftentimes, men prefer to reach out first, as they desire to feel like “hunters.” Ladies – this tip for what to do after a first date is critical! Even if your instinct is to be proactive, it might be best to resist the temptation to reach out first, just for a little bit. Don’t rush things; take some time to bask in the rush of having a crush. If you haven’t heard from him in a few days, it might be time for a casual text, email, or phone call.


Don’t reply to his texts TOO quickly!

It’s always best to be casual and keep an air of mystery about you, as long as you’re still showing interest.

Now, for the guys – when it comes to reaching out about a second date, much of the above advice still applies. Make sure you express how much you enjoyed their company and appreciated your time together. When you’re feeling confident, let them know you’d be interested in another date in the future.

All in all, when you’re interested in pursuing a second date, keep it casual, bask in the crush.

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