Five Date Ideas For Falling In Love This Autumn

Nothing says ‘romance’ like a warm drink and bundling up in your finest sweater on a crisp fall afternoon. If you’re looking for ways to ‘pumpkin spice’ up date nights this autumn, look no further!

Bake Your Own Apple Cider Donuts – While it might be simpler to go buy them from the nearest grocery store, baking together is a fun and satisfying way to bond with your date. Check out a great recipe here!

Hike or Bike – Few things compare to the feeling of a perfect autumn day. Autumn is arguably the best time of the year to spend time outside, whether for a leisurely stroll among the foliage, or an intense biking trail, depending on your interests. Decide which trail best suits you both here.

Visit the Farmers Market – What’s cuter than perusing local art and produce while strolling arm-in-arm with your date? Click here to figure out which farmers markets are nearest to you.

Frisbee Golf – Take your date to test your aim playing frisbee golf! Frisbee golf is an easy activity for beginners to pick up quickly as it requires little skill and far less walking around than regular golf. This site can direct you to disc golf courses throughout Maryland.

Go Apple Picking – Apple picking is an engaging, outdoorsy, and tasty opportunity for you and your date to spark some competition over who can find the biggest/best looking fruit! This could also serve as the perfect prelude to those apple cider donuts. Find which orchard is closest to you here.

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