Springtime Dating Ideas

As we mentioned in our latest blog, the arrival of springtime means that LOVE is in the air! Spring often represents sweetness, natural beauty, and new beginnings in literature, art, and film. Therefore, what better time than spring to plan a romantic date and explore your connection with someone new? Let’s explore some springtime dating ideas.

Springtime date ideas:

Plan a picnic!

The first step to planning a successful springtime picnic is finding a good location. Try to find a relatively clean, open spot with some shade. Whether planning to sit on a picnic table or a blanket, dress wisely. Choose an outfit that doesn’t ride up too far when you sit or crouch and that won’t get ruined entirely by grass. Ensure you have the essentials: napkins, plates, cutlery, cups, trash bags, wine, etc. And if you have allergies, bring a non-drowsy antihistamine to your springtime date!

Visit the farmers’ market!

Similarly, you can enjoy fresh air and sunshine with your date as you taste and explore what the local vendors offer. Bring some extra cash and buy your date a fresh bouquet. The two of you can plan to make a meal together with your purchased foods. The farmers’ market is also a great place for a springtime date because you can come and go whenever you like (within operating hours).

Go to a baseball game!

If your person is a sports fan, a baseball game could be the perfect way to spend time together. While the crowd may get raucous, baseball’s leisurely pace allows you to converse while still staying engaged with the game. You can always talk about the game if conversation ever stalls. Plus, you don’t have to put too much thought into your outfit!

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