Dating Concierge, The New Way To Date

Baltimore Dating Concierge – Why Use a Professional Matchmaker?

Imagine having someone find you the love of your life!  For generations, people have used headhunters to find the perfect job and real estate agents to find their perfect house.  It only makes sense to hire a Dating Concierge to help navigate the millions of singles to find that perfect life partner.

A dating concierge is a combination of having a therapist, best friend, private investigator, professional photographer, stylist and gatekeeper all wrapped into one.  The MatchPro, an old-fashioned matchmaking company located in the mid-atlantic region realized there was a desperate need for such a service, hence the term “Dating Concierge” was coined.  

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Dating Concierge:

  1. To weed out scammers

  2. To get an objective and professional opinion from someone who has your back and cares about you.

  3. To save you time from sorting through countless texts that never lead to a date.

  4. To coordinate your dates and give you constructive feedback.

  5. To meet stable and commitment-minded singles that want more than a hookup.

  6. To alleviate game-playing.

  7. To have wing women that understand your preferences and goals.

  8. To get your mind in date-ready shape.

  9. To help you present your best self.

  10. To find you the love of your life!