To Give Or Not To Give

The Ultimate Dating Gift-Giving Guide For New Relationships:

The holidays are always filled with wonderful things such as joy, merriment and love, in addition to gifts shared between loved ones. So, to give or not to give is a good question. When you are in the early stages of dating someone new, getting the appropriate gift can lead to enormous stress and uncertainty. Below are some helpful tips to giving a gift that is appropriate according to the stage and length of time you’ve been dating. Gift giving in a new relationship doesn’t have to be scary, but it’s important to be mindful of your choice of gift to prevent sending mixed messages and in extreme cases, potentially ruining your new relationship.

Dating Less Than 3 months:

“Less is More” when dating someone new but definitely give your date something to show that you are interested in them. Being in a new relationship can be tricky, but a thoughtful gift speaks volumes at this stage of dating. For example, if you know he/she likes country music, giving a CD would be very appropriate or if you know she is always cold, a knit hat or fuzzy socks would be appreciated. Even cooking a meal or baking cookies is meaningful without being overdone. The MatchPro recommends spending $50 or less for a new love interest. If you give your date a gift that is too lavish, it could possibly make them run the other direction or make them feel their gift is inadequate.

Dating 3 months up to 1 year:

Usually by this stage, two people who are dating consistently, are feeling more secure about their relationship and their feelings have deepened. If the relationship is exclusive, a more personalized gift is appropriate. The MatchPro recommends spending between $50-$250 depending on your comfort level. Consider a beautiful framed picture of you as a couple, or tickets to see a broadway show or concert. Get them something that shows you really thought and considered their uniqueness, interests and taste. Again, it doesn’t have to be lavish but your gift should be more personal and meaningful.

Dating 1 year plus:

For a woman, buying her a piece of jewelry will always do the trick. You can add small touches, such as your partners birthstone or their favorite jewel, to personalize it and give it the perfect finishing touch. Obviously, this gift should express that you really care about them. If she is not someone who loves jewelry, consider a getaway weekend or even lingerie. It is okay to take more risks with their gift because you are in a committed relationship and and this is another way to express your love. We recommend that you spend a minimum of $100 but again, spend what is comfortable to you. No need to break the bank and cause yourself additional stress.

Regardless of what gift you decide to give to your love interest, small or large, inexpensive or expensive, make certain that you wrap your gift and write a message on a card. Taking a few extra minutes to make a nice presentation goes a long way, and can make gift giving for new relationships that much more thoughtful! Most importantly, be sure to enjoy the holiday spirit and keep in mind, gift giving is just one of many ways to express your feelings to your partner.

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