The Skinny on Professional Matchmaking

With the increasing acceptance of online dating, most people have never considered seeking an actual matchmaker. So the question is, “is it worth it?” We think so. Afterall, online dating is not for everyone. With the risks of ghosting, catfishing, and flippancy, dating apps lack the discretion and confidentiality that so many people require to feel comfortable dating. Not only does a matchmaker provide privacy, but we dig deep and really get to know our clients so we can find the perfect match for you for the long-term.


We do the Heavy-Lifting

Since we know what we are doing, we get you results! Once you’re set up in our system, all you need to do is be yourself and show up with an open mind. Rest assured that we will only introduce you to high-quality, well-vetted individuals who are looking for a serious relationship. Afterall, this is a professional service and we don’t want to waste your time or ours. As your matchmaker, I assist every step of the way, from building your confidence and coaching you, to working out the logistics for your dates so that you don’t have to. Positioning you for success is my imperative.

Numbers don’t Lie

With an 89% success rate, The Match Pro  matches commitment-minded singles who desire a healthy and loving relationship. Our clients like that we go the extra mile and do little things that can make a big difference. For example, one of our clients required a little help understanding her body language during a date. So, we set her up on a fake date who gave us feedback. He pointed out that his date (our client) had her arms crossed, and seemed very stressed during the dinner. He noted that she was constantly talking about her former boyfriends and that was a real turn-off. When we gave the feedback to our client she couldn’t thank us enough! She told us that having that input made it all worth it.


Do you think matchmaking could be the right fit for you? I’d love to help. Give me a call  @ 410-773-9585 or visit and let’s get started!