Matchmakers Make Dating Easier

Matchmaker makes dating easier because they have everything you need to succeed. In fact, sometimes they may feel like the perfect combination of therapist, best friend, private investigator, photographer, stylist and gatekeeper all wrapped into one. I am a certified matchmaker and my role is to find you the long-term love of your life. I follow a process that is tried and true. Read on to learn more.



Our confidential questionnaire is quite thorough and will require some time and introspection. Believe it or not, it is incredibly helpful as we use all the details to help you find the right person. After you submit your profile, we set time together for an in-person interview (or over zoom, as you prefer). The purpose of the call is for me to learn more about you. I want to hear your story: where were you raised? I also want to learn more about your values and ethics. Certainly, we will talk about your career  and how your career can be good or bad for dating. Consider what yo value in a partner? Talk about the hobbies and interests that interest you. What are your long-term relationship goals? Do you like to travel? What is your favorite date? As we discuss topics like these, I develop a dating plan to find your special someone. I go beyond facts and data to form matches that are deeper and more personal than any online survey could ever offer. The Match Pro becomes your personal matchmaker and we help you navigate the dating world and find true love.



As a premier, certified, and privately-owned firm, The MatchPro is proud to offer membership options. We can talk together about which membership makes the most sense for your personal needs.


Matchmakers Make Dating Easier

Finally, we get to the part you’ve been waiting for – dating! I hand-select someone who shares your interests, values, goals, and might even provide the right amount of different, to make it really work. I will coordinate all the details of your introduction and make sure you feel confident and ready. You don’t have to worry about anything besides being yourselfgetting dressed, having fun, and staying open-minded and positive – I take care of the rest!


So, you’ve gone on the date, and now it’s time for me to call you and get feedback. We want to hear about it, whether or not you felt you had a connection. If you did – that’s great, and we can discuss next steps. If you didn’t click, we can consider why and fine-tune our selection of future candidates. Remember, matchmaking is a personal, relational process and every introduction is an opportunity to get to know you better. The MatchPro members trust us as confidants who can talk candidly about their feelings. Our ongoing dialogue will help the dating process feel easier and get you closer to finding the one.

Whenever you are ready, we are here to help.