Tips For Men Considering a Matchmaker

Men, We’ve Got You Covered

Men ask the most questions about hiring a professional matchmaker. It makes sense. After all, you have an accountant for taxes, a lawyer for business documents, a housekeeper to take care of your home, so why not hire a professional matchmaker? Read on to learn our favorite tips tips for men who might considering hiring a matchmaker.

Tip 1: Be Proactive

While it may seem silly, we do include hiring a professional matchmaker as our top tip. This is because as professional matchmakers, we have access to a large database of qualified candidates. And, we make it a lot easier to meet the woman you prefer most. However, we encourage our clients to continue going to social events, business meetings and conferences. We believe it’s healthy to talk to women at the gym, and to join clubs that offer activities you enjoy. Frequently, the newfound sense of optimism and confidence from working with a matchmaker can lead to tremendous success in dating, even if you go out on your own. Think of it like a personal trainer: even if you put in the work at the gym, implementing a balanced diet and a good sleep schedule will take you much further.

Tip 2: Be Open-minded

It’s not uncommon for someone to appear to fit your criteria more on paper than in person, or vice versa. While having some “must-have” criteria for a potential partner is important, open-mindedness and flexibility can take you far. Even if your first date was lukewarm, they’re shorter than you’d hoped, or they didn’t graduate from an Ivy League school, there’s a good chance you will be a perfect fit. In fact, many of our clients who initially decide to stop seeing someone simply because they didn’t “look good on paper,” later agreed to a second date and are now happily married!

Tip 4: Be Patient

Finding love takes time and finding the right one is a process. You may not meet “the one” on your first, second, or sixth date. Our most successful clients are those who work closely with us and provide insightful feedback, which rarely happens overnight.

Tip 5: Have Fun

We know how anxious you are to find a serious partner. You’ve already enlisted the help of a professional committed to using a significant amount of resources, time, and insight to help you find the love of your life. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the ride! Heed the advice of these 4 specific tips for considering a matchmaker.