Are You Ready for a Relationship?

Before you even accept plans to go on a date, it is important to know what you are looking to accomplish. Ask yourself if you are ready for a relationship. There are certain questions you can ask yourself to help shed light on the idea.

Signs You are Ready for a Relationship

You value communication & honesty

Understanding your communication style and how you deal with conflict is vital to making any relationship work. Reflect on your past relationships and identify when you communicated effectively, and when you fell short. Good, productive communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship.

You know how to compromise & you are relationship-ready

Similarly, the ability to meet your partner where they are at is an essential element of relationships. This is not to say that you should sacrifice your beliefs or values for your potential partner; you shouldn’t. However, you should be prepared to respectfully consider opinions and beliefs that you may not agree with.

You are ready for a relationship and to view your partner as a complex person, not just a series of boxes to be checked. Having standards and knowing what you want is an essential step for ensuring that you are relationship-ready. However, relationships and people are not always so black and white. The ability to be open minded and flexible (within reason) means you’re ready for something serious.

You are already “complete”

Despite what Hallmark cards and romantic comedies portray, you don’t need a partner to be complete. While the idea of searching for your “other half” may sound romantic, it is not realistic; in fact, it can be quite damaging. Recognizing that you are a whole, independent person on your own is the first step in readying yourself for a relationship.

You know how to be okay on your own. We all know the difference between being alone versus being lonely. Pursuing a partner to avoid loneliness is a shaky foundation to build a relationship on.

Think you are ready for a serious relationship? We are here to help.