Valentine’s Gift Ideas For New Couples

Valentine’s gift ideas for new couples is a tough call.  Although it is a great opportunity to show just how much you care for your significant other, finding the perfect gift can be tricky. Regardless of the present you select, we always recommend including a thoughtful card to pair with it.


The Short List of Gift Ideas


Perfume and/or cologne is a classic Valentine’s Day gift, and for good reason! For starters, perfume can be worn all year round. Plus, each time your partner applies the scent, they will think of you and your thoughtful gift.

Something Sweet

Whether you opt for heart-shaped chocolates or salt water taffy, get your sweetie something sweet!

Couples Massage

Allow your stress to melt away with a soothing couples massage. It is an excellent way to get some well-deserved rest with your boo.

Paint & Sip

Similar to a couples massage, Paint & Sip is a fun, relaxing activity you can do together! Another perk is that afterwards, you are left with a beautiful canvas to commemorate a fun evening together.


Assembling a small scrapbook or collage of photos together is a meaningful and relatively inexpensive way to show your love. Your partner will appreciate the time and effort put into such a thoughtful gift.


Nothing tells your partner that they are welcome in your home like comfy clothes they can keep at your place. Bonus points if they’re customized!

Scented Candle

A scented candle is perfect for any occasion, but especially romantic on Valentine’s Day. Nothing sets the mood like the warm flickering of candles, paired with a delicious scent.

Weighted Blanket

For long distance couples, it can be difficult spending so many nights apart. Weighted blankets are great for anxiety, especially if you are yearning for the warmth of your partner cuddled up beside you.

Whether you get your Valentine a gold necklace or gold-wrapped Ferrero-Rochers, make sure to present your gift nicely. Some wrapping paper and a handwritten note can go a long way.